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She feels bad during her period


Publication : 30-03-2007

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I feel sometimes that I am not clean inside. I feel few days before my period starts that my blood is boiling inside my veins, and I feel like I want to cut myself off. About two years ago I stopped the bad habit of backbiting, since I stopped this sin I feel much more comfortable. But when the time for my period becomes close, I feel like my blood is boiling and I start repeating the past. My mother did this, my father did that, my sister is like this, and so on. When this happens I do not know how to stop it. This case of mine may stay for two days or more. Please guide me.


Praise be to Allah.


We praise Allaah for guiding you to an understanding of the seriousness of backbiting and its evil, and for hastening to give it up. We ask Him to help you and make you steadfast in that. 


It is well known that many women become depressed and anxious during their menses, especially at the beginning, and that a woman’s intellectual state is not normal during menses. Most women feel pain in their backs or lower abdomen, and for some of them the pain may be more than they can bear, so they use medicines and painkillers. See question no. 43028

Undoubtedly what you are feeling is one of the effects of menstruation but all you have to do is be patient and seek reward, for nothing befalls a Muslim, not even anxiety and grief, but Allaah will expiate some of his sins thereby. 

You should keep yourself busy with work, study etc that will benefit you, for free time makes worries worse. 

There is nothing wrong with a menstruating woman reading Qur’aan without touching the Mus-haf, and that will distract her and make it easier for her. 

And Allaah knows best.

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