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Holding Back Ejaculation Then Seeing Discharge With a Bad Odour


Publication : 26-03-2024

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My friend asks me saying: I experienced a wet dream during the day in Ramadan, and while feeling I may climax, I stopped myself, so as not to invalidate the fast, and I said: Since I stopped myself, there is no need for a full ritual bath, and I did not pay attention to my clothes, whether they were wet or not, and I completely forgot about the matter. After a few days, I remembered again, and when I went back to the clothes in the washing machine, I found yellow discharges with an unpleasant smell, which I assumed were from vaginal infections; because this usually happens to me, and I completed my acts of worship, but doubt still kills me. The question is: Do I need to perform a full ritual bath? Did I have an ejaculation? Do I need to repeat what I have fasted? And if I perform a full ritual bath with the intention of purification from major ritual impurity, do I need to repeat the acts of worship I have performed, and if I do not perform a full ritual bath, do I need to repeat the acts of worship I have done? I want to ask the people of knowledge so that I may be certain of my affair, and for your information, I do not know the difference in smell between palm pollen; because I have never smelled it before, and I get confused if it is the smell of dough, or my discharges from the infections.


Praise be to Allah.


Nocturnal emission and the release of semen during sleep do not invalidate fasting, and it is not appropriate for a person to restrain themselves from ejaculation during a nocturnal emission, as it may be harmful.

Ibn Qudamah (may Allah have mercy on him) said in "Al-Mughni" (3/128): "If one has a nocturnal emission, it does not invalidate his fast, because it is not by choice, and it is similar to if something enters his throat while he is sleeping." End quote from Al-Mughni.


If the situation is as you described, with restraining oneself from ejaculation during sleep, and the discharge has an unpleasant smell, and the person in question suffers from vaginal infections, then it appears that this is not semen; because the smell of semen is not unpleasant; it is like the smell of date palm pollen or dough.

Therefore, she is not required to perform Ghusl (full ritual bath), nor is she required to repeat any of the Salah (formal prayers).

However, if she takes precautionary measures, performs Ghusl, and repeats the prayers she performed after that sleep, it is better for her and will protect her from obsessive doubts.

As for fasting, it is valid even if semen has been discharged.

And Allah knows best.

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