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Saying Bismillah for wudu when one is in the bathroom


Is it permissible for a Muslim, after relieving himself in the bathroom to say “Bismillah” inside the bathroom and then do wudu, or should he go out, say “Bismillah” then go back in and do wudu (because there is no wudu for the one who does not mention the name of Allah)? Is it permissible to mention the name of Allah when I am taking a bath in the bathroom?


Praise be to Allah.

Shaykh Ibn ‘Uthaymeen was asked about that and he said: 

When a person is in the bathroom, he should say the name of Allah in his heart and not utter it aloud. So if you are in this situation, do this. The more correct opinion is that saying the name of Allah is not obligatory, rather it is mustahabb, but you should not pay attention to waswaas (insinuating whispers from the Shaytaan) or be negligent.

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Source: Fataawa Islamiyyah, part 1, p. 219