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Prayer of one who handles pork


I work in the restaurant business (12 hour shifts) and I am constantly dirtied by pork products. What are my salaat requirements? Can I perform all five prayers as athaa at the end of the day, after I have bathed?


Praise be to Allah.

You have to do the five prayers at the proper times, after removing the najaasah (impure things) from yourself and purifying yourself as Allaah has commanded. You should also look for another job from which you can earn halaal provision, because cooking and serving pork is haraam and is not allowed. (See Questins #s 1883, 751). 

May Allaah help us and you to do all that pleases  Him, and keep us away from things which will earn His anger and wrath.

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Source: Sheikh Muhammed Salih Al-Munajjid