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How should a person who has put medicinal creams on his face do wudoo’?


Publication : 01-03-2010

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I am a girl and I put creams on my face that the doctor prescribed for me, and he said that I should not let water touch it for at least 12 hours. I am a Muslim, praise be to Allah, and I have to do wudoo’, but I am afraid to let water touch the cream on my face. Can I wipe the parts where there is no cream, or what?.


Praise be to Allah.

If there is a skin condition on the face for which the doctor has prescribed cream to be put on it. and he has said not to let water touch it for several hours so that the cream will remain for medicinal purposes, then in this case you should avoid putting water on those areas when doing wudoo’, and wash the rest of it along with all other parts to be washed in wudoo’, and you can do tayammum instead of washing the face, until there is no longer any need to put this cream on your face. End quote. 

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