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In the Ramadan file, we present most of the answers and rulings having to do with this holy month

Ramadan articles

All About Zakat al-Fitr

What is zakat al-fitr? How much is zakat al-fitr? When should zakat a-fitr be given? Who should pay zakat al-fitr? Who should receive zakat al-fitr? Check out all this here.

Ramadan books

70 Matters Related to Fasting

Allah has favoured His slaves with seasons of goodness in which rewards are multiplied, sins are erased and statuses are elevated.From the greatest of these seasons is the month of Ramadan which Allah has made an obligation upon His slaves, encouraged them regarding it and guided them to show gratitude to Him for this obligation. Seeing that this act of worship is of such great value, it is necessary that one learns the rulings pertaining to the month of fasting. This treatise contains a summary of the rulings of fasting, its etiquettes and sunnahs pertaining to it.