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Ruling on Respecting Specific Names


Publication : 12-03-2024

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1. Is it kufr to throw a paper on which the name of the mother of ‘Issa is written?

2. Is it sinful to throw a paper on which Christian, or Christopher is written, because both include “Christ” and what was meant is ‘Issa… If it is a sin, is it kufr knowing that I follow the view that words do NOT lose their sanctity in another script than the Arabic one?

Is it kufr in any case?Can you provide the proofs?


Praise be to Allah.


It is prohibited to throw a paper containing the name of a prophet from the prophets into impurity, or to throw it in a manner of insult and belittlement in other than impurity, and this act is considered disbelief.

It is stated in "Al-Mawsu`ah Al-Fiqhiyyah" (14/59): "It is obligatory to protect the books of exegesis, Hadith, and Islamic sciences from being treated with disrespect.

Whoever throws a paper containing something from Islamic knowledge, or containing the Name of Allah, or the name of a prophet, or an angel into impurity, or smears it with impurity - even if it is overlooked (a small quantity) - is judged as a disbeliever, if it is proven that he intended to insult the Shari`ah."


It is prohibited to show disrespect (to the name) if the intention is to refer to the prophet by the name, such as by accompanying it with "peace be upon him," or if the context of the speech indicates that intention.

However, if the name refers to a person other than the prophet, then it is not prohibited to disrespect it, such as if the person's name is `Isa (Jesus) or Muhammad or Ibrahim.

Ad-Dusuqi said: "Like throwing the Quran, which is apostasy: throwing the Names of Allah, etc., and the names of the prophets, if that is with the intention of belittling and making light of them; by way of throwing them because they are the name of a prophet.

And his saying: 'and the names of the prophets' means: those accompanied by what indicates that, such as: 'peace and blessings be upon him'y." This is the end of the statement from "Hashiyat Ad-Dusuqi" (4/301).

As-Sawi said: "His saying: [and the Names of Allah]: meaning: and the names of the prophets if it is with the intention of belittling and making light of them, where they are specified with a description that distinguishes them, like Muhammad the Messenger of Allah, or accompanied by prayer." This is the end of the statement from "Hashiyat As-Sawi on Ash-Sharh As-Saghir" (4/433).

Therefore, it is not prohibited to throw away a paper which has Christian or Christopher written on it - if it means Christian - because this has become a name for the person belonging to Christianity, not meant to mention the name of `Isa (Jesus) peace be upon him.


As for Maryam, she is not a prophet, so it is disliked to throw papers with her name on them, as it is disliked to throw the names of the Companions, and it is prohibited if it is with the intention of disrespect.

Ibn Al-Hajj Al-Maliki, (may Allah have mercy on him) said: "It is common among some craftsmen in this time that they use paper without knowing what is in it.

And this is not permissible; because it may contain the Noble Quran, or a Hadith of the Prophet'name (peace and blessings be upon him) or a name from the names of the angels or the prophets (peace be upon them).

Whatever is of that nature, it is not permissible to use it, nor to disrespect it; out of sanctity for it and reverence for its status.

If it (paper) contains the names of scholars or the righteous predecessors - may Allah be pleased with them - or the Islamic sciences, then it is disliked, and it does not reach the level of prohibition like the one before it."

This is the end of the statement from "Al-Madkhal" (4/89).

We asked our Sheikh Abdul Rahman Al-Barrak (may Allah preserve him) about throwing papers in the trash while they contain the name of a Companion and he said: "If the intention is not to insult: then it is not prohibited." This is the end of the statement.

And Allah knows best.

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