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Possession and the illusions and facts that are connected to it


Publication : 11-03-2003

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I have been suffering from jinn possession for nearly two years, and am not cured. What is strange is that I can feel them in my body and can control them to some degree, such as when I hear Qur’aan, I feel pain from them starting in my stomach but I am able, by Allaah’s leave, to make them stop moving. 
I believe that they will never leave unless Allaah wills it. So I pray to Allaah and I do not go and look for someone to perform ruqyah by reciting Qur’aan. 
, I am righteous by the grace of Allaah, but sometimes I commit some sins. What is the reason for that? What advice can you give?.


Praise be to Allah.

There are some facts and some illusions connected to the issue of jinn possession, and among most people nowadays the illusions outweigh the facts. The Sunnis are unanimously agreed that the jinn can dwell in the bodies of humans, but that does not mean that everyone who has epilepsy is possessed by the jinn, because epilepsy may have physical causes. The pains etc. that many people feel in their bodies cannot be ascribed for certain to the actions of the jinn, rather they may be illusions or something imaginary. 

So you should not pay any attention to the whispers of the Shaytaan that make you think that he has done this and that you can control it. This is one of the ways in which the Shaytaan deceives the Muslim and makes him think that he can control him, and that he has powers that in fact he does not possess. This may lead to bad consequences as has happened to many people. 

You have to keep on treating yourself with ruqyah, for the Book of your Lord is available to you. Recite from it and treat yourself with ruqyah. Whether you are possessed or not, you will undoubtedly benefit from this reading and ruqyah. 

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If you go to someone who is known for using ruqyah as prescribed in sharee’ah and is also righteous and keeps away from deviance and myths, there is nothing wrong with that and it may be a means of your being healed from this problem. 

You have to seek the help of Allaah and pray to Him and beseech Him to prevent the plots of the devils among mankind and the jinn from harming you. Man is always in need of his Lord, and Allaah is Able to rid you of these thoughts, illusions and facts that are harming you. 

And Allaah knows best.

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