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What is the ruling on using memes for the purpose of calling people to Islam (da‘wah)?


Publication : 24-11-2022

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What is the ruling on using religious memes in Facebook groups to explain a religious idea that I want to promote, such as a picture of actors – whether they are Arabs or non-Arabs, Muslims or non-Muslims, with a few words on it, such as two people talking, and one is telling the other to pray, for example? What is the ruling on using animated clips (cartoons) in this context?


Praise be to Allah.


Meme is a term that is used to describe a slogan or idea that spreads quickly from one person to another via the Internet, and includes simple phrases or an image, link, video, hashtag or just one word. See entry on memes, Wikipedia.


There is nothing wrong with using memes to convey an Islamic idea such as calling people to pray, enjoining what is right, offering advice, denouncing evil, or correcting a mistake, on condition that it does not use images of those who are known for evildoing, or actors who play promiscuous roles, or a clip that contains music or a woman.


It is permissible to use animated clips (cartoons) to convey sound meanings, Islamic or otherwise, subject to the conditions mentioned above, which is that the image should not be of a character that is known for deviant ideas or conduct.

As for making a cartoon clip to convey sound concepts, if that is for children, then there is nothing wrong with it, even if it involves drawing images of the cartoon characters, as we have explained in the answer to question no. 247541 .

If the matter is limited to compiling images that already exist – without drawing them – there is nothing wrong with making clips from that, whether they are for children or adults, as we have explained in the answer to question no. 240539 .

And Allah knows best.

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