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She saw in a dream that she was with the one whom she loves, but her parents are refusing


Publication : 10-09-2005

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One of my friend is in love with a guy for last 4 or 5 years. She did Istikhara for 6 or 7 months ago to find out wether she would get marry to him or not. The same night she saw the following dream: 
"She saw that she was walking with her lover in a garden full of thick trees. Thick trees were full of flowers and there branches were hanging down. They were walking on a path that was full of Grass." She suddenly woke up and was very scared. She saw this dream almost around 3 or 4 Am in the morning.  
Though the above dream shows that they will get marry and there would be no problem for them but nothing's happened. But now her parents are not agree to marry her with him and they have also denied the Rishta two or three weeks ago. I want to ask you what exactly does this dream mean. Did she saw this dream because of istikhara or it was just because of thinking about that person whom she loves.


Praise be to Allah.


I advise this sister to read about the Islamic ruling on love between a man and woman outside of marriage 1114 , 20949


Dreams fall into three categories: 

1-Those which come from Allaah. These are a means by which Allaah gives glad tidings to His believing slaves in this world after the cessation of Revelation.

2-Those which come from the Shaytaan, in which the Shaytaan tries to gain power over the sons of Adam and cause distress to those who believe. The Prophet (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him) has taught us how to protect ourselves from his evil, and he has told us that these dreams do not cause any harm to the believer who observes the etiquette taught by the Prophet (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him). 25768

3-Dreams that come from the subconscious, in which the sleeper sees his own thoughts and ideas that reflect what is happening in his day-to-day life, as mentioned in this question.

It seems that this sister is in love with this man and wants to marry him, but her parents are refusing this marriage. So in her dream she sees herself with her beloved as she would like to see him in real life. 

Finally, I advise the sister to fear Allaah and to obey her parents in what is right and proper. She should strive to choose a husband who is suited to her from among those who are righteous and trustworthy.  

Similarly, she should ask Allaah to bless her with a righteous husband who will make her happy, and may Allaah bless them with righteous children who will be a help to them in this world and will store up reward for them in the Hereafter. 

And Allaah knows best. 

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Source: Dr Khaalid ibn ‘Awad Bazaid - Psychologist specializing in children and adolescents