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Ruling on filming a ruqyah session, and the most important books on ruqyah as prescribed in Islam and remedies for witchcraft (sihr)


Publication : 30-09-2022

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In our country there is a great deal of talk about witchcraft, ruqyah and similar matters. Hence I have some questions. 1. What is the ruling on what some raaqis (practitioners of ruqyah) do, namely filming ruqyah sessions for men and women and circulating them among people? 2. Please tell me of some trustworthy books that deal with the topic of ruqyah as prescribed in Islam and witchcraft, whether these are books by earlier or later scholars.


Praise be to Allah.


It is not permissible to film ruqyah sessions for either men or women, and it is worse and more abhorrent in the case of women, because of the evil consequences that will result from that, such as transgressing against the privacy of the patient. Moreover, it will lead to the evil consequence of showing off and boasting about his treatment on the part of the raaqi. This is something that should be disallowed and banned.

No attention should be paid to the patient’s giving permission for filming, because if he does give permission, it will be under the pressure of his desire for treatment.

In many cases, what is seen of the patient is something that is not appropriate, in addition to the fact that he will be in a state of weakness and desperation, so filming him in this case is a transgression against him and a violation of his privacy, and it may make him a target of backbiting and mockery.

As for filming women, that is prohibited in all cases, and there is no concession allowing it except in cases of necessity, but there is no need for this filming. Rather what is required is concealment and preservation of privacy. In fact, protecting privacy dictates that this filming should be prevented in this case.


In many answers we have discussed ruqyah and the treatment of witchcraft (sihr). Please see the answers to questions no. 12918 and 11290 .

Beneficial books concerning this topic include the following:

  1. Ar-Ruqyah ash-Shar‘iyyah by Dr. Khaalid ibn ‘Abd ar-Rahmaan ibn ‘Ali al-Juraysi. With a Foreword by al-‘Allaamah Shaykh Dr. ‘Abdullah ibn ‘Abd ar-Rahmaan al-Jibreen (may Allah have mercy on him).
  2. Al-‘Ilaaj bi’r-Ruqa min al-Kitaab wa’-Sunnah, by Dr. Sa‘eed ibn ‘Ali ibn Wahb al-Qahtaani.
  3. Ar-Ruqyah ash-Shar‘iyyah min al-Kitaab wa’s-Sunnah, by ‘Ali ibn Muhammad ibn Naasir al-Fuqayhi, published by al-Jaami‘ah al-Islamiyyah.

All of them are available on the website al-Maktabah ash-Shaamilah.

And Allah knows best.

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