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Ruling on calling a child ‘Arfaan or Ayman


Publication : 14-10-2016

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We are thinking of naming our child Arfaan.
I would like to know the meaning of this name and whether it is a good meaning name for our child.
While on this topic I would also like to know the meaning of the name Aiman, which I think means lucky, fortunate in arabic but I am not so sure.


Praise be to Allah.

The father should choose a good name for his son, because a person’s name is a title which says something about him.

There is no need to choose a name of which the meaning is not known. Among the good names which are known to people there are sufficient names that the Muslim has no need to do that.

It is well known in Arabic that ‘Irfaan [not ‘Arfaan] means knowledge.

It says in Lisaan al-‘Arab (9/236):

‘Ifraan means knowledge. End quote.

The ‘uruffaan or ‘iriffaan is a huge grasshopper, like a locust, with a crest.

‘Iriffaan was used as a man’s name.

See: al-Mukhassas (2/353); al-Qaamoos al-Muheet (p. 836).

The word ‘urfaan is the dual form of the word ‘urf, which refers to the comb of a rooster. A deek afraq is a rooster that has two combs.

Al-Mukhassas (1/84).

One of the narrators of hadith was called Mu‘allaa ibn ‘Urfaan; he is da‘eef (weak).

See: at-Taareekh al-Kabeer by al-Bukhaari (7/395); al-Ikmaal by Ibn Maakoolaa (6/200).

‘Irfaan was a well-known female singer. She was the mother of the singer Ibraaheem ibn Abi’l-‘Abees ibn Hamdoon.

Al-Ikmaal (6/200).

Thus it becomes clear that these names were narrated from the Arabs.

‘Iriffaan and ‘Urfaan are men’s names.

‘Irfaan is a woman’s name.

With regard to ‘Arfaan, we do not know of it in the Arabic language, so it is not appropriate to use this as a name.

But if it has a good meaning that is well known among you, according to your language and customs, then there is nothing wrong with using this name, even though it is better not to. Whatever the case, there is no shar‘i virtue in giving such names.

With regard to Ayman, it is a good name, which comes from the word yumn, meaning barakah (blessing).

It says in Taaj al-‘Aroos (36/302):

Yumn means barakah (blessing). If a man is blessed with good fortune, he may be described as maymoon or ayman (meaning fortunate). End quote.

Ayman is also the opposite of aysar (meaning unfortunate).

It says in Lisaan al-‘Arab (13/459):

Ayman and maymanah are the opposite of aysar and maysarah. End quote.

Among the Sahaabah was Ayman ibn Umm Ayman.

So there is nothing wrong with this name, and it comes under the heading of optimism and the hope that this child will be blessed.

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And Allah knows best.

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