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No prescribed period for consummating marriage


Publication : 17-08-1997

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How soon do a married couple have to consumate their marriage in Islam?
If one of the partners feels uncomfortable, what is he/she to do, if he/she does not want to consumate right away, but would prefer to wait about 3 months?


Praise be to Allah.

al-hamdu lillaah.

If a man executes a valid marriage contract with a woman then it is permissible for the two to do as they please between themselves, even with only the contract. There is no period prescribed by Islamic shari'ah between the contract and consummation of the marriage, so this issue is up to the two partners as to what they decide is most appropriate and in their best interests.

It is incumbent upon both parties to consider, respect, and ensure the other one's personal comfort and ease. Thus, if the husband sees that the wife needs some time to become acclimated and develop their relationship and level of intimacy before consummation, such as 3 months, for example, he should do so, and vice versa. Likewise, it is incumbent upon the wife if she sees that her husband feels an urgent need to guard his chastity by consummating the marriage that she should not prolong the period so that he does not fall into a state of awkward discomfort and difficulty, and vice versa.

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Source: Sheikh Muhammed Salih Al-Munajjid