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A young woman became Muslim and her family are trying by all means to make her give up Islam; what should she do?


A young woman in XXX became Muslim and put on proper hijab, but her family got angry with her, and they want her to give up Islam. She was taken to the police to try to make her give up her Islam, and when she refused, they burnt all her Islamic clothing and bought short clothes for her. Now she has not been going out of the house for four months, and they are putting pressure on her. She is the only Muslim in her family, and has no mahram. She is 20 years old. If she goes out, she is always under supervision from her family, and they even watch her computer. What should she do in this situation, should she leave or stay?


Praise be to Allah.

What this young woman must do is leave this place where she is being opposed and being subjected to pressure to make her give up her religion, because they may succeed in barring her from the religion of Allah, and she must go to the nearest safe place where she can safely practice her religion.

There is nothing wrong with her tricking them in order to leave, or lying to them, or seeking the help of some trustworthy people to help her to get out.

It is not permissible for her to remain in a place where she is subjected to pressure to make her give up her religion, unless she can find no means of fleeing.

If she is unable to leave, then let her be patient and seek reward with Allah for the hardship and torment that she experiences; she should not confront them in a manner that will make them more angry with her or make them harm her even more.

She should seek the help of Allah by calling upon Him and expressing her need for Him, asking Him to grant her relief and a way out. She should remember Him a great deal and beseech Him at times when du‘aa’s (supplications) are answered.

If anyone knows of her situation and is able to help her, then it is obligatory upon him to help her, and it is not permissible for a Muslim to leave his brother or sister to be exposed to pressure to give up their religion, when he is able to help them.

And Allah knows best.

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