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Obligation of wearing hijaab


Publication : 13-09-1997

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Assalam alaikoum, I'm a muslima since august 1996. My problem is about hijaab. I really want to wear it but it's very difficult to do it in France. I'm not married (I will be next year, incha Allah) and I live alone, so I'm obliged to work in my country. In France, it is extremely difficult to find a job and wearing hijaab. I feel very bad about that, I know the meaning of wearing hijaab, I don't want to wear it and to take it off later. For the moment, I have large garments and do my best to have a correct attitude. I plan to go to Boston for working next year, I know there is no problem of that kind there. My problem is just in France and just for one year, I don't want to stay there because of the reaction of French people (I'm French with no Arabic origins). So my question is: Is it possible (I mean correct) to wear hijaab all the time except for working ? thank you very much.


Praise be to Allah.

All praise be to Allaah, who has guided you to Islam, and we ask Allaah to give you the strength and courage to be steadfast in following His guidance. It is the greatest blessing He has bestowed upon you, and it is incumbent upon you to express and show thanks for this blessing, by worshipping and obeying Him.

As for your question, wearing hijaab is a mandatory obligation which cannot be neglected. If you cannot find a place in France that will allow you to work while wearing hijaab, then you must strive to move to a country you can wear the hijaab while working, as you have indicated. It is not permissible for you to not wear hijaab under any circumstance. If it is possible for you to accelerate your efforts to get married so that you may be able to manage without working under such circumstances, this would be even better and preferable. We share with you your feelings, in the sense of religious brotherhood, of the hardship that faces our fellow sisters in France with regards to the issue of hijaab, and ask Allaah to strengthen you with the courage it takes to stand up to it. By no means is it easy, and it takes great will and determination.

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Source: Sheikh Muhammed Salih Al-Munajjid