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Husband and wife must stay in samehouse during iddah


Publication : 04-08-1997

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Is it permissable for the husband to move out of the home during the iddah of his wife? For what period of time is he required to maintain her after he pronounces divorce? If he abandons the home and does not maintain her, what does the Sharee'ah say about such actions?


Praise be to Allah.

It is mandatory that a divorced woman stay in her husband's home during the period of iddah (specifically after the first and second divorce).

It is not permissible for her husband to force her out of the home.

The verse from the Quran which asserts this is al-Talaaq (65:1), (interpretation of the meaning):

"... and do not force them out of their homes, nor shall they (themselves) leave, except in the case where they are guilty of open illegal sexual intercourse..."

The husband is also obliged to provide for her during this period of iddah, as she is still under his guardianship ('isma).

It is permissible for the woman to beautify herself for her husband during the iddah. In fact, one of the reasons for iddah is to provide a period of reflection and contemplation, so each party may consider the consequences and review the decisions and circumstances, so as to provide a chance for them to get back together.

If the husband abandons the house or forces the wife out, then the reasons for which Allah has ordained this period have been missed. Thus, it is incumbent upon the husband to beware of this, as he would be disobeying a command from Allah.

There is nothing wrong with her going out of the house for visits, etc., with his permission, just as before her divorce.

Regarding the length of the iddah, please refer to question #31 .

May Allah guide us to the right path.

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Source: Sheikh Muhammed Salih Al-Munajjid

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