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Should the hair of a baby girl be shaved at birth? May it be shaved for the purpose of making the hair stronger?


Publication : 12-04-2004

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What is the ruling on shaving the hair of a baby girl at birth or after that in order to make the hair stronger and thicker? Is it Sunnah to shave her hair at birth as in the case of males?.


Praise be to Allah.

It is not Sunnah to shave a girl’s head on the seventh day as is the case for boys. With regard to shaving it for a reason, as referred to in the question, if that is true, the scholars say that it is makrooh to shave the head of a girl, but it may be said that if it is proven that this is something that will make the hair grow and become thick, then there is nothing wrong with it, because it is well known that what is makrooh is no longer regarded as makrooh if there is a reason for it.

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Source: Shaykh Ibn ‘Uthaymeen, Majmoo’at As’ilat tahumm al-Usrat al-Muslimah, p. 147