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Ruling on using the “Kaff Maryam” plant for a pregnant woman, to make childbirth easier


Publication : 23-05-2022

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There is a flower called the “ward Maryam (flower of Maryam),” which the family believe that when it is placed in water next to a woman who is due to give birth, no sooner do the flowers open but it will help the woman to have an easy delivery! I think that this is a myth, and that it diverts a person from putting his or her trust in Allah, even though my sister said that she tried it and it worked for her. What advice can you give?


Praise be to Allah.

You are right to think that this is a myth, because the opening of the flower beside the pregnant woman who is due to give birth has nothing to do with making childbirth easier.

Perhaps the family is confused and is mixing between “ward Maryam” and “kaff Maryam (lit. the hand of Maryam).” The former is what is mentioned in the question, which is a myth, as noted above. The plant called “kaff Maryam” is the one that has to do with childbirth, as it is proven that it helps a woman in childbirth.

The plant called “kaff Maryam” is known scientifically by the name Anastatica hierochuntica. It is used to treat colds in children, by steaming, and an infusion of this plant is drunk to make childbirth easy, if it is difficult.

Dr. Jaabir ibn Saalim al-Qahtaani – who is a specialist in herbal medicine – said:

“Kaff Maryam” is a plant which resembles a clenched fist, and is used when a woman feels that labour has started; it is ground and soaked in a cup of cold water for four hours, then it is strained and the water is drunk only once.

Jareedat ar-Riyaadh (newspaper), 28 Rabee‘ al-Awwal 1428 AH/ 16 April 2007 CE, issue no. 14175.

It is believed that the name of the plant comes from a fable which claims that Maryam (peace be upon him) grasped it in her clenched hand whilst giving birth.

You can see a picture of the plant here:

And Allah knows best.

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