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She received a grant to spend on her study, but she has decided to give up her study


Publication : 29-09-2023

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I am a student in a university in France and I live with my family. I do not want to continue my studies, yet I signed up in university to study. I receive a monthly grant to spend on my study, but I did not go to university since the educational year started except few times. I intended to leave study totally and attend only the exams, as I fear they stop giving me the grant. What is the ruling on taking this grant, knowing that I spend most of it on my family and friends?


Praise be to Allah.

If the matter is as you mention, that you received this grant legally, there is nothing wrong with you accepting it, even if you have decided to give up your study completely, so long as you have not actually given it up yet.

And Allah knows best.

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