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His friend lets him into one of the free camps


Publication : 06-09-2016

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There are camps for Hajj set up by some organisations, in which all services are offered, even food and drink, at no cost. It may so happen that a pilgrim comes along who knows someone who works for these organisations and he can let him in to the Hajj camp. Does he have the right to do that, and is it permissible to do it, and is my Hajj valid?


Praise be to Allah.

With regard to the tents that are booked by some people in Mina, there is nothing wrong with asking for one of these tents, because the pilgrim has the right to stay in Mina. But as for food, drink, electricity and the like, if the person in charge of these camps gives permission, then there is nothing wrong with that, but if he does not give permission, then it is not permissible to eat or to make use of the electricity and air conditioners that have been set up in these places. In most cases the person who is in charge of these tents will allow one to make use of the facilities and eat and drink along with other people, and this comes under the heading of hospitality. In that case, eating, drinking, using the electricity and staying in the tent is permissible, so long as permission has been given by the person in charge of it. End quote.

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