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She fell unconscious in Ramadan then she died


There is a woman who had a stroke before Ramadan but she did not lose consciousness completely. She would start to pray but during her prayer she would start talking to the people around her. When Ramadan came, she lost consciousness altogether, but the doctors said that she could hear. Then she died during Ramadan. Can expiation be offered for her?.


Praise be to Allah.

With regard to this woman who had a stroke before Ramadan and remained unconscious or unaware, one poor person should be fed on her behalf every day, because the correct view is that being unconscious does not mean that the obligation of fasting is waived, rather it is the obligation of prayer that is waived. If a person loses consciousness involuntarily and remains that way for two or three days, he does not have to pray, but if it was by his choice, such as if he became unconscious by means of an anaesthetic, then he has to make it up. End quote. 

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Source: Islam Q&A