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Giving zakaah to charitable organisations to distribute


Publication : 17-04-2009

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Is it permissible to pay zakat directly into the accounts of the charitable organizations, while there are people in the same city where I live who might deserve it?.


Praise be to Allah.

It is permissible to transfer zakaah money into the accounts of charitable organisations so that they can distribute it if the people in charge of that are trustworthy and will give the zakaah to the classes of people who are entitled to it according to sharee’ah.

The basic principle concerning zakaah is that it should be given to the poor in the country in which the money is. If it is necessary to transfer it elsewhere, such as if the poor people in the country to which it is transferred are in greater need or they are relatives of the person who is giving zakaah in addition to being poor, and so on, then it is permissible to send it.

See also question number 13064 and 43146.

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