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He made a film out of cartoon pictures; is it permissible for him to make money from YouTube ads that accompany his clips?


Publication : 07-02-2016

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Currently im joining youtube adsense program. I uploded a video and then when my video is being viewed, the ads appear next to it. I hear that pictures is not allowed in islam. And my video is collection of picture (slideshow) that has a text on it. mostly the picture of anime.
How about my revenue. is it haram ?


Praise be to Allah.


If you take a collection of cartoon images, then comment on them with written text, then put all of that together in a video clip in order to upload it to YouTube, there is no sin on you, in sha Allah, but that depends on the following conditions: 

1. that the uploaded clips do not contain any objectionable material, such as music, images that provoke desire, or false, deviant beliefs, and the like;

2. the ads that accompany your clip should not promote haraam products such as riba-based banks, permissive websites, music channels, haraam movies, and so on.

If most of the ads that accompany your clips are permissible ads, then we hope that there will be no sin on you for making money from these ads. But if that is not the case, then you have to stop offering this service, because then you will be participating in spreading and promoting sin. Please see the answer to question no. 101806


What is required of the Muslim is that he should be a constructive member of his society and his ummah, and his aim should be to offer that which will benefit them in both spiritual and worldly terms, as well as earn him money, without ignoring the sublime goals of serving his religion and his ummah. 

This work that you are interested in, of collecting cartoon images known as anime, only adds to idle pursuits, of which the Muslim ummah has had more than enough and with which they have filled their minds. If you had done this job in a proper manner and tried to spread useful information and Islamic concepts via this channel, and you had chosen well in selecting suitable comments for these pictures, and sought help in making sure that this channel adheres to Islamic guidelines from some seekers of Islamic knowledge who have knowledge of Islamic rulings and are also aware of the things that are contrary to Islamic teachings and the reprehensible behaviour reflected in such films, to which many people do not pay attention, this would have been better for you and more beneficial, and you would thus have been playing a role in protecting Muslim children from other films that reflect deviant behaviour and beliefs. 

And Allah knows best.

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