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What is the ruling on investing in the Golden Farm website?


I have been working for an investment website for eight months, and I put it on my channel. I am worried that my work may be haraam. The website I work on is called Golden Farm, which is for buying birds. All I have to do is buy birds and make money from them by selling their eggs. This is an electronic game. For approximately nine months up till now I have invested seven dollars, and I rely on those who registered through my invite link that I sent to them. It is written on the website that the profit is fixed. Is this halaal or haraam?


Praise be to Allah.

It is not permissible to invest in this website for two reasons:

The first reason is riba (usury), because the participant pays money to gain more money, without there being any real investment; rather it is a game in which one buys birds, and each bird lays a certain number of eggs in an hour. When it lays eggs, the player sells its eggs, but there is nothing like birds or eggs in reality; rather the player pays money to get money. This is haraam, whether what he is going to receive is known or unknown.

This is a new way that has been invented to deal with riba, which is done as if it is a game, but riba is a major sin and the one who does it is cursed.

Permissible investment is subject to certain conditions, none of which are met here. It is not known what field this website invests money in, and there is no agreement on the percentage of profit. This is in addition to the guarantee of the capital. All of this is contrary to the principles of partnership and legal investment.

For information on the conditions of investment, see the answer to question no. 113852 .

The second reason is gambling, which has to do with making money through inviting others to join, and that can only be done by paying money when buying birds.

As noted previously in several answers, pyramid schemes or multilevel marketing is prohibited if it cannot be done except by paying money. That comes under the heading of gambling.

See the answer to question no. 42579 and other answers mentioned there.

This is in addition to the prohibition on inviting people to participate in riba-based investment.

Based on that, what you must do is repent to Allah, may He be exalted, and stop dealing with this website and inviting people to it. You should advise those whom you invited to leave it, and explain to them that it is forbidden to deal with it.

And Allah knows best.

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