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He is suffering from waswas with regard to cleaning himself (istinja) after urinating, which is compelling him to shower straight after urinating


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After urinating I dont know how to do istinja.. so I wash my whole lower portion in shower... but that way urine gets mixed with water and falls on my legs etc... so I wash them... and I have hair in leg, so I try to wash them by circular motion... but then I wash my hand twice... to wash 2nd leg... then water spills and goes on my back, so I end up washing them... then those water comes in front... so I end up going back and forth for like 20-30 min... I know it sounds too much, but I can't help it... how do I ignore if I am sure urine did mix with water... and how do I was hand twice if I got urine in my hand... washing one hand twice and using that hand to wash the other will cause both hand to get impure... I can't figure it out.... it takes me 5 min to just wash hand.... In wudu I heard that used water is not purifying , so when we wash, water spills... they bounce back... or water from ears falls on face when washing face... and how can you avoid water spills in ghusl? I use shower for ghusl, and the force will definitely make small drops of water to spill... please help. Please Please help me... I am having a lot of trouble. My parents yell at me everyday. I can't disobey them, I know I am wrong... but sometimes I end up getting angry, which is really bad... please help


Praise be to Allah.

It seems that in your case you are suffering from waswas (whispers from the Shaytaan) with regard to matters of purification. This is a serious matter, because waswas may make some people resent worship and find it burdensome, so it feels as though it too difficult. What you must do is take measures to rid yourself of this waswas. The best remedy for waswas is to ignore it and not pay attention to it; you should not take any notice of what the Shaytaan is trying to stir up in your mind of doubt concerning purification, prayer and the like. At the same time you should also offer a lot of supplication (du‘aa’), calling upon Allah, may He be exalted, and asking Him to grant you wellbeing and to help you to overcome the Shaytaan. See the words of al-‘Allaamah Ibn Hajar al-Haytami (may Allah have mercy on him) on dealing with waswas, for he offers useful advice, which we have quoted previously in fatwa no. 62839 . For information on dealing with waswas having to do with istinja’, please see fatwa no. 100268 

With regard to how to do istinja’ and clean oneself with water after urinating, that is done by pouring water on the place where the urine comes out, then washing it gently, whilst taking measures to lighten the pressure of the water coming out of the tap or hose, so that the pressure does not lead to the water splashing onto your body. Then you should wash off the impurity, as all people do. 

If you cannot reduce the pressure of the water on the place where the impurity is, then take some water in a small vessel or even in your hand, and wash your private part with it when you have urinated, three times only. By doing that you will purify yourself of urine. 

You should do the same thing when defecating; try to reduce the pressure of the water so that drops of impurity will not splash onto your body. 

If you cannot do that, then take some water in your hand and wash the place where the impurity is. 

You can also use tissue first, and remove the impurity by wiping three times with the tissue, then if you wish you can use water after that. You can do that and it will not matter if any water splashes onto you after that, if you cannot reduce the pressure of the water, because the place has been purified by wiping it with the tissue first.

For more information, please see the answers to questions no. 41027 and 100268

And Allah knows best.

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