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Will he be rewarded for sitting in the mosque after praying without reciting dhikr or waiting for the next prayer?


Often, after I have finished praying in congregation and after I have finished reciting dhikr and offering the Sunnah prayers after the [obligatory] prayer, I sit in the mosque because I find it peaceful and calming. Is there any reward for me in sitting like this (without reciting any dhikr or doing any act of worship), or is my sitting there like sitting any other public place?


Praise be to Allah.

When the worshipper has finished praying and he sits in the place where he prayed, the angels pray for forgiveness for him, as is mentioned in the hadith which was narrated by al-Bukhaari (445) and Muslim (649) from Abu Hurayrah, according to which the Messenger of Allah (blessings and peace of Allah be upon him) said: “The angels pray for one of you so long as he remains in the place where he prayed, so long as he does not commit a sin. They say: ‘O Allah, forgive him; O Allah, have mercy on him.’”

According to another report narrated by al-Bukhaari and Muslim: “So long as he does not commit a sin there, so long as he does not cause annoyance to others there.

What appears to be the case is that this virtue is attained by the one who sits and does not commit any sin there or cause annoyance to others by backbiting and the like, whether he occupies himself by reciting dhikr or not. For the grace and generosity of Allah are immense. So there is the hope that you will attain this reward, in sha Allah, but if you use the time to remember Allah ( dhikr) or recite Qur’an, this will be better.

And Allah knows best.

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