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His Muslim wife’s relatives are kaafirs who mistreat her


Me and my wife are in  a delemma about our relatives. We both are the only muslims in among our families.


I'm in very close family they are there when you need help they're very supportive of me. My wife family isn't close to her at all nor are they close to our kids.My wife brothers talks to her as she are garbage, they cheat her out of her money by telling her lies of deciet, they drink, and commit adultery, and her sisters on the other hand threaten her a lot by calling "DCFS," they call her liers about everything, they disregard everything she say, and they have gatherings and she's not invited, and they all hate Islam and talks negative about it.Where do draw the line and say enough is enough. I know Islam teaches us to be kind to our family members but how do you deal with family that don't respect you and criticize you all the time. My wife get angry at me when I tell her about them, even though she knows how they are. What makes me very angry is that my wife brothers say things to her and she makes excuses for them about why they treat her this way that if I were to say similar she would blow the roof off the house,and if I asked them why they talk to her that way she would accuse me of making fitna. How do I deal with matter or how should she deal with matter. please advise 


Praise be to Allah.

Praise Allah that your family is closely-knit and that you do not suffer the things that your wife suffers from her family. Appreciating this blessing fully will make you give thanks to your Lord and feel compassion for your wife because of the state of affairs with her family. This will motivate you to console her and stand beside her to ward off mistreatment from her, and boost her morale when she is faced with these attacks. Our advice to your wife is to bear her family’s mistreatment with patience and to strive to call the individuals in her family who are less evil and more open to accepting the truth. Then if her kaafir family are causing her trouble, she can mix with them less, and make her visits to them brief and for a purpose. No Muslim is obliged to mix with kaafir relatives if he cannot bear their mistreatment, but he should strive to bear their mistreatment with patience and call them to Islam.

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Source: Sheikh Muhammed Salih Al-Munajjid