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A Christian woman who is hesitant about entering Islam and is looking for advice


Publication : 21-07-2007

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I am currently a christian, I began looking into islam when my partner said that he wants to get married to me. I have read alot of books and go to the mosque regulary, I really enjoy reading about it, although I am confused and do not understand some areas of islam. As my family are christians they are not happy about me looking into islam, and so need advice on what to do? I still have doubts about islam, but I am looking to live a more spiritual life hopfully as a muslim but im worried I will not have stronger faith, or i will easily loose it!!! Please help me with these questions, i need help and am deeply stressed. Thank you.


Praise be to Allah.


We are happy to learn that you have been reading about Islam and that you have seen how the Muslims worship their Lord. We feel confident that this has created in you feelings of tranquillity and peace that you cannot express, but which are definitely there, because in fact you have awakened the fitrah (basic human nature) that Allaah has created in all people, which is to acknowledge the Oneness of Allaah (Tawheed) and believe in Him alone with no partner or associate. 


If you think about the non-Muslims who have entered this religion, you will realize something amazing. Not a day goes by when someone does not enter Islam, and each and every one of them has a story. They have no worldly interests to be served by entering Islam, rather they all entered Islam out of conviction and with firm belief that it is the true religion. 


Although we would like you and your family to be guided, we hope that they will not be an obstacle that prevents you from being guided to this religion. Remember that the Day of Resurrection will inevitably come, in which every person will say “Myself, myself.” On that Day a man will flee from his own brother, mother and father, and each of them will have enough concerns of his own to make him indifferent to others. So hasten to save yourself first, then pay attention to your family and strive to guide them. Do not let anyone come between you and true guidance. On an airplane, in the event of an emergency, they say to put the oxygen mask on your own face first, then turn to those beside you, i.e., save yourself, then save those who are next to you, even if it is the dearest of people to you. In our religion, Allaah says (interpretation of the meaning): “Ward off yourselves and your families against a Fire (Hell) whose fuel is men and stones” [al-Tahreem 66:6]. So you have to look after yourself first; hasten and do not hesitate to join the blessed caravan led by the Prophets and Messengers, and remember that you will be following the truth and the straight path that was travelled by that elite of Allaah’s creation. 


According to our religion, no person’s Islam is complete unless he believes in all the Prophets and Messengers, and in their Books that Allaah revealed to them, and whoever attribute shortcomings any one of them is beyond the pale of Islam. Other religions attribute shortcomings to some of the Prophets and Messengers; all of their followers do not believe in our Prophet Muhammad (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him). Look at the great difference between our religion, which enjoins us to believe in that elite of Allaah’s creation and to venerate and respect them, and others who disbelieve in our Messenger and others, and who attribute shortcomings to some of the Prophets and Messengers, and accuse them of things that one would be ashamed to mention.  


This religion has been exposed to a great deal of criticism and misrepresentation in the media – newspapers, radio and TV – but by the grace of Allaah its followers have only become more committed and stronger in conviction, because they realize that the criticism and misrepresentation are based on whims and desires, ignorance and hatred, and they have no basis in knowledge. Despite all the hostility and propaganda against Islam, we see thousands entering the religion of Allaah in crowds, from the countries where the extremists are leading the campaign of criticism and misrepresentation against Islam. 

Look at an example of that. In America, after the events of September 11th, the number of those who entered Islam in America reached 25,000, which was the highest number in its history. This happened despite the accusations and misrepresentations of Islam that are produced by the government and by many foundations and organizations. 


We would like to reassure you that you will never find anything in Islam that may cause confusion. The rulings and laws of Allaah are wise; Allaah has prescribed them to be suitable for all times and places. On this website we receive many letters from people who are hesitant to enter Islam because of what they have heard of accusations and misrepresentations about the rulings of Islam, but we have answered them and soon truth became clear to them, then those whom Allaah wanted to guide and save from doom did not hesitate to declare their Islam and submit to this religion and its rulings. 


In this religion there is that which will make your faith strong and increase it day by day. Faith in Islam is increased by means of acts of obedience. In Islam there are many ways to make your faith flourish and continue, if you do these acts of obedience. Do not let this be a barrier that prevents you from entering Islam. There are many verses in the Holy Qur’aan and we are certain that reading every verse will increase your faith, and every rak’ah that you pray will cause your faith to grow. The same applies to fasting, ‘umrah, Hajj, charity, helping the needy and other kinds of good deeds.  


Hasten to save yourself and join this caravan; board the ship of salvation, and do not hesitate. Thank Allaah for giving you the opportunity to read about Islam, and to see Muslims praying, and for giving you a reliable Islamic website to write to and ask for advice. These are blessings that others spend a great deal of time and money trying to achieve a small part of. Do not waste the opportunity that is within your grasp, and do not give anyone the chance to distract you from entering this faith. 

We ask Allaah to guide you to that which He loves and which pleases Him. We ask Him to help you to do that which is good and is in your best spiritual and worldly interests. We ask Him to hasten your guidance, for He is able to do that. 

And Allaah is the Source of strength.

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