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Her husband is always busy playing or watching football. Can she get a TV?


Publication : 02-07-2007

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A husband of a good religious sister spends most of his time watching or playing football. She does not have a television at her home, Alhamdulillah. So her husband spends most of his time outside home to watch football. She does not have children. 
My question:
Shall she just buy a television so that her husband stays with her at home? As she spends the whole day alone while her husband is away.


Praise be to Allah.

Playing football (soccer) may be permissible or it may be haram, depending on whether the player adheres to shar’i guidelines or goes against them. This has been explained in the answer to question no. 3633, 84291 and 75644

A wise person should not keep busy with playing it or watching it, even if it is permissible, because time is a man’s capital, and undoubtedly the husband’s being busy with that and staying out of the house because of it, is a shortcoming and negligence, because time is too precious to waste, so how can he waste it on something that brings no benefit? It would be better for him to take care of his family and try to make them happy. 

As for bringing a TV into the home, we do not advise that, because of its obvious bad effects. Please see question no. 3633

It seems that this husband’s problem is not limited to the lack of a TV. He needs many things to encourage him to stay home. The wise wife should look for ways to make her husband want to stay home, such as treating him well, taking care of him, adorning herself, looking for common interests, and so on. 

We should also advise this sister to make good use of her time in things that will benefit her religious and worldly affairs, such as memorizing Quran, attending halaqahs and lectures, learning some skills and doing housework. This is better for her than bringing in a TV which will attract her to things that Allah has forbidden. 

And Allah knows best.

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