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Converting to Islam as a Religion Bringing one Closer to God


I am very interested in the Islamic religion. What can I do in order to convert to become a Muslim? I have always been in search of a religion that makes me feel closer to God, like Islam does.


Praise be to Allah.

It brought us great joy to hear from the noble inquirer expressing interest in accepting Islam.  It is indeed the religion that links the human being to his Lord directly via the belief in the oneness of God and through various acts of worship.  It instills peace of mind and an inner serenity to the created human being, embodied in a unique relationship and devout tranquillity, encompassing love for, fear of, hope from, and submission to, God Almighty, Allaah.  Indeed, this essence is the true meaning of worship, which comprises and combines acts of the heart with acts of the tongue in remembering God, in addition to the acts of the physical organs.  This is manifested through prayer, fasting, paying zakaat (the poor due), and reading the Holy Qur'aan, among other acts, which you will find resulting in positive and benevolent effects in yourself, God willing (in shaa' Allaah).  No doubt that if you decide to accept Islam that the conclusion which you will have reached was due to two things: (1) a sound mind and (2) success granted from God (Allaah).

As for converting to Islam, it is a very simple and easy thing, consisting of your pronouncing the two testimonies of faith (al-shahaadatain). You will find the details regarding this as well as other relevant information in the answer to question# 114, 179, and 378.  

Finally, we say to you that you are sincerely welcome as a sister to us in Islam, and we are in the utmost readiness to provide you with any service or information possible.  We ask Allaah to fulfill, perfect, and complete His grace and benevolence upon you, and to grant you perseverance in holding fast to the truth.  For indeed, Allaah is the One who guides to the path of truth and light.

P.S.:  If you would like us to assist in guiding you to a reliable local source from which you can learn in person or obtain books, please inform us of your city or town, and we will try, God willing, to help find you an appropriate contact.  

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Source: Sheikh Muhammed Salih Al-Munajjid