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Times of prayer and fasting in the polar regions


Publication : 10-12-2000

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I am a non muslim who currently live in a muslim country.  It is my understanding that the 5 daily pryers as well as the times for feasting during the ramadhan are according to sunrise and sunset.  My question : How do a muslim may deterine the appropriate times for the prayers and begin feasting if he/she lives near the artic circle where nights and days can be quite long depending of the season.
My thanks for your answer and continue your work.  It helps me understand a few things about islam as well as understand what our local staff were talking about.


Praise be to Allah.

We thank you for this question and we appreciate your interest in the prayer times in Islam. In answer to your question, those who live close to the Arctic Circle, where they have continual night or continual day for several months, should look to the closest city to them where night and day are distinct in each twenty-four hour period, then they should do the five daily prayers based on the timing in that city.

 Your interest in the matter and your keenness to ask questions and find out gives us the hope that you will embrace this religion and practise its rituals. We wish you well and hope for guidance for you.

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Source: Sheikh Muhammed Salih Al-Munajjid